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Title: Психолого-педагогічний супровід дітей з особливими потребами в інклюзивному навчанні
Other Titles: Психолого-педагогическое сопровождение детей с особыми потребностями в инклюзивном обучении
Psycho-pedagogical assistance for children with special needs in inclusive education
Authors: Попелюшко, Роман Павлович
Popelushko, R.P.
Keywords: психолого-педагогічний супровід;інклюзивне навчання;дитина з особливими потребами;вада розвитку;навчально-виховний процес;психолого-педагогическое сопровождение;инклюзивное обучение;ребенок с особыми потребностями;порок развития;учебно-воспитательный процесс;psychological and pedagogical support;inclusive education;children with special needs;malformation;the educational process
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2014
Citation: Попелюшко Р. П. Психолого-педагогічний супровід дітей з особливими потребами в інклюзивному навчанні / Р. П. Попелюшко // Збірник наукових праць Хмельницького інституту соціальних технологій Університету "Україна". - 2014. - № 1. - С. 109-113.
Abstract: В статті розглянуто психолого-педагогічні передумови супроводу дітей з особливими психофізичними потребами в інклюзивному навчанні. Також у статті було надано психолого-педагогічні рекомендації соціальним педагогам, практичним психологам та педагогам, щодо здійснення навчально-виховного процесу деяких нозологій.
В статье рассмотрены психолого-педагогические предпосылки сопровождения детей с особыми психофизическими потребностями в инклюзивном обучении. Также в статье было предоставлено психолого-педагогические рекомендации социальным педагогам, практическим психологам и педагогам, по осуществлению учебно-воспитательного процесса некоторых нозологий.
Democratization and humanization of society, the realities of life require changing people's attitudes to reality. It is a complex process as it involves the destruction of persistent stereotypes in social and professional relationships. This issue is particularly relevant for educational activities. Increasing the number of children with special educational needs adjustment problems of learning and education. The concept of restructuring involves a fundamental change in terms of the child, getting rid of stereotypes and attitudes, which are based mainly action educator. On the one hand the stereotypes help the teacher to draw conclusions about student individuality in his appearance and behavior; quickly navigate the educational situation and select behavioral strategy for a particular student, classify and divide students into types according to certain characteristics. On the other - if the behavior of the teacher is based mainly on negative stereotypical attitudes and installation covering all areas of educational activities - is difficult and greatly reduces its effectiveness .Stereotypes defined in psychology as the tendency of the subject easy and quick to attribute a person who is perceived to a certain category and thus give it the qualities typical of the subjects in this category. An inclusive approach to education aims to generate consciousness of teachers and teaching caregivers to erase negative stereotypes and settings that interfere with the child to perceive with special educational needs as a whole person, a complete part of society. The problem of inclusive education engaged N.N. Malofyeyev, N.D. Shmatko, The Ukrainian scientists can be called M.V. Roganovu and A.V. Bitova. The aim of the paper is to study the features of the educational process for children with special needs in inclusive education. The objective of this work is to consider the foundations of psychological and educational support for children with special mental and physical needs in secondary schools. The article deals with psychological, educational background support children with mental and physical disabilities in inclusive education. This article also been provided psycho-pedagogical guidance of social pedagogues, psychologists and teachers regarding the educational process some nosology.
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