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Title: Effect of surface layers of steel on wear-resistance in abrasive environments
Authors: Gonchar, V.
Kaplun, P.
Kaplun, V.
Shalapko, Yu.
Keywords: extruder;steel;wear resistance;mineral saponite
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Effect of surface layers of steel on wear-resistance in abrasive environments / V. Gonchar, P. Kaplun, V. Kaplun, Yu. Shalapko // Problemy nauk stosowanych problems of applied sciences / Redactor/Editor Andrzej Antoni Czajkowski ; Higher School of Technology and Economics in Szczecin. – Szczecin, 2013. – T. 1, Vol. 1. – P. 87-92.
Abstract: Introduction and aim: The article highlights the results of experimental research of the impact of different structures of steels with different thermal (hardening for different temperatures) and chemical-thermal (carburizing, ion nitriding, nitrohardening) treatments for their wear resistance in abrasive medium that simulated conditions of the extruder running when manufacturing feed grain mixed fodder with the additives of mineral saponite. Material and methods: Structural steels including stainless steel. Test methods for wear in abrasive environments. Results: There is a linear dependence of wear resistance on hardness in abrasive medium for alloys with stable surface structure. Conclusion: For alloys with unstable structure that are able to change under the influence of abrasive wear, it is necessary to take into consideration the structural state of the material surface and wear resistance depends mainly on the completeness of structural changes in the wear process.
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