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Title: Соціально-психологічний простір як чинник професійної зрілості особистості
Other Titles: Социально-психологическое пространство как фактор профессиональной зрелости личности
Social-psychological space as cause for person’s professional maturity
Authors: Комар, Таїсія Василівна
Komar, T.V.
Keywords: особистісна зрілість;професійна зрілість;референтність;соціально-психологічний простір;личностная зрелость;профессиональная зрелость;референтность;социально-психологическое пространство;personal maturity;professional maturity;reference;social and psychological space
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Національна академія Державної прикордонної служби України імені Богдана Хмельницького
Citation: Комар Т. В. Соціально-психологічний простір як чинник професійної зрілості особистості / Т. В. Комар // Вісник Національної академії Державної прикордонної служби України . - 2014. - Вип. 2. - Режим доступу:
Abstract: У статті аналізується проблема соціально-психологічного простору особистості та його впливу на професійну й особистісну зрілість індивіда, а також висвітлюється психологічна природа референтності як суттєвої складової професійної зрілості.
В статье анализируется проблема социально-психологического пространства личности и его влияния на профессиональную и личностную зрелость индивида, а также освещается психологическая природа референтности как существенной составляющей профессиональной зрелости.
The article analyzes the problem of socio-psychological space of personality and its impact on the professional and personal maturity of the individual, and also highlights the psychological nature of reference as an essential component of professional maturity. Professional maturity of a person – is an integrative system that reflects content-marked unity of personal, academic and social qualities which provide, students, graduates with successful self-realization in professional activity, socialization and harmonization with environment. It is a concluding stage of person’s integral development while being trained in higher-educational institution. The basic essential functional characteristics of professional activity are: person’s integrative quality, system-forming core of which is personal, academic and social maturity, integrative value that allows stable motivational-value professional orientation and social readiness to multi-aspect activity, integral index of personal, academic and social readiness to professional activity on higher levels. Professional maturity of a person is revealed in actions and peculiarities of an individual’s behavior. The system-forming factor and dominant component that unites elements into system in relational social-psychological space is significance. The significance in the created by a person social-psychological space is represented quite broadly: the personal significance of ideals and possibilities, needs and desires, aspiration and perspectives, etc. The significance may be actual and potential. Analyzing the structure of personal social-psychological space and the process of it formation, we tried to define the criteria of other significant features selection in personal as well as in professional aspect. Grounds (criteria) of significance of one person and group of people for other or others cannot be limited by content, pointed out in the two approaches given above and the two presented paradigms have to be added with other content of a person’s significance. Social-psychological space is formed in the process of interaction with environment on different levels, including personal level. Personal space is considered to be determined-by-conscious space of subject-marked others (in this case they are provided with specific meaning, personal content and value), connected by psychological relations with a person who place them in space coordinate system according to its values and views, expectations and preferences. In general, this space includes not only subject-marked others, but also the whole system and significant connections and relations, idea of the relation of significant others to other persons, conditions and situations, social objects (and phenomena), the significance of its values, views, life achievements and aspiration and the significance of personal choice, aims, possibilities, perspectives.
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Content type: Стаття
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