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Title: Використання правил Інкотермс 2010 при укладанні зовнішньоекономічних договорів
Other Titles: Use of rules of inkoterms 2010 at entering into external economic contracts
Authors: Томаля, Т.С.
Tomalya, T.S.
Keywords: зовнішньоекономічний договір;правила Інкотермс;міжнародний договір купівлі-продажу;внутрішній договір купівлі-продажу;обов'язки між сторонами договору;покупець;продавець;ризики;транспортування;доставка;оплата;foreign economic treaty;rule Inkoterms;international contract of purchase-sale;and internal contract of purchase-sale;obligations between parties of contract;buyer;salesman;risks;transporting;delivery;payment
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Хмельницький національний університет
Citation: Томаля, Т.С. Використання правил Інкотермс 2010 при укладанні зовнішньоекономічних договорів [Текст] / Т. С. Томаля // Вісник Хмельницького національного університету. Економічні науки. – 2013. – № 3, т. 1. – С. 102-106.
Abstract: У статті проаналізовано причини використання правил Інкотермс, розглянуто відмінності правил Інкотермс 2010 та Інкотермс 2000, виокремлено переваги використання правил Інкотермс 2010 при укладанні зовнішньоекономічних договорів як способу зменшення ризиків та спрощення укладення договорів між сторонами.
A foreign economic treaty is the basic form of external economic relations. The feature of foreign economic treaties (contracts) is consider application of international terms taking into account the International rules of interpretation of commercial terms (Inkoterms), which sets right and duties parties of contract, in relation to supplying with a commodity regulates the risks of loss or damage of commodity, and also order of allocation of charges, related to the commodity. From 1936 year of rule of Inkoterms periodically looked over in an order to answer changes which take place in world trade and to represent modern practice of realization of agreements of purchase-sale companies. Amendments and adding to the rules of Inkoterms were later done in 1953, 1967, 1976, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 years. Last release of rules of Inkoterms 2010 represents basic tendencies and changes in the sphere of international and national trade for previous 10 years. By the basic noticeable difference of rules of Inkoterms in 2010 from previous releases there is diminishing of amount of terms from 13 to 11, and simultaneously such new positions were here created as: DAP – delivered at place is delivery to the point and DAT – delivered at terminal is delivery to the terminal. Accordingly four terms which in practice was used were rarer in all anointed - DAF, DES, DEQ, and DDU. The rules Inkoterms 2010 provide safety and reduce the level of vagueness in foreign economic treaties. In addition brought over flexibility and comfort of Inkoterms to him large attention and popularity among the agents of foreign trade activity, that accordingly did Inkoterms the main instrument of distributing of risks. These rules sending to the facilitation contractors from the different states of process of conclusion and implementation outwardly of economic contracts by clear formulation and writing fixing of standard conditions of the agreement.
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Content type: Стаття
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