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Title: Surface modification of pseudo- alloy titanium by Nd- laser the on neodymium glass in regime generation of high-peak power impulses
Authors: Shalapko, Yuriy
Zaspa, Yuriy
Keywords: laser processing;nanosecond impulses;phase transformations;titanum alloys
Issue Date: 23-Apr-2013
Abstract: The modifications of phase structure of surface stratums of a titanum alloy (3%Al and 1,5 % Mn) under an operation of a radiation of the laser on neodymium glass in a mode of generation of high-peak power impulses (modulated Q-factor) are investigated. The hardening of a surface is achieved for the account of martensiticic transformations with formation α′ - phase of a titanium. The doping of a surface by iron and chromium results in formation martensiticic α″ - phase of a titanium. In difference from traditionally used of a millisecond mode of free generation of the neodymium laser, the short duration of laser impulses (~10-8 c) allows to conduct processing immediately on an air without oxidation of a surface. The parameters of laser effect are close to the amorphyzation of a surface stratum. For reaching the amorphous condition are expedient for reducing a thickness of a fused stratum up to 1 μm or less.
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